Distribution of open-source hardware

This post is to continue a discussion that started in the questions for the Collaborative Development Program. In response to @Tanguy’s question, the group that wrote the whitepaper on distributed manufacturing do not meet anymore. The document was a way to effectively capture our notes from all the meetings for posterity but we realised that we were not quite in a good enough place to take the next steps.

If others are willing to form a new working group with regular calls to take this discussion further that would be great. We can also just have a thread to chat about it.


Dear @julianstirling Thanks for your message ! If other person are interested by the topic, I am in :slight_smile:

In general, I am interested to know if there is an interest for commercial open-source peristaltic pumps. We created one for a project (cf picture) which is controlled with an arduino Nano, a driver TMC and we developed a communication protocol to control it with Python script and, if needed, with NodeRed or other interface. The development is not yet finalized but I am interested to have the point of view from other person from the community for a commercial development of this hardware. On the picture, the pump head is a chinese one but other model (even masterflex pump head should work) are possible as soon as a stepper motor is used.
What do you think ? Anyone interested to contribute or discuss about this project ?
Thanks !

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