Discuss new syntax/features for GitBuilding

Hi All.

On Wednesday the 10th at 14:30 GMT we are having a zoom call to discuss planned features of GitBuilding and how we can implement them. As an open project anyone is welcome.

I will warn that this meeting will probably drill into the details of how we will implement certain features, so if you are not already familiar with GitBuilding this may not be the meeting for you. If there is demand I am very happy to do a more tutorial-style introduction meeting at a later date.

To minimised possible zoom-bombing, can you send me a private message to get the Zoom link if you are interested?

Spamming a few people with notifications :gosh::angel:
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Damn sorry i missed it, I thought it was today :frowning:

I hope nano was there, we had a talk on Monday about this meeting.

Unfortunately not. The main outcome were to

  • create variables that can be passed down from a page to the steps that it calls allowing things like optional steps, or witching pictures for variations of hardware.
  • create a way to include templates, i.e. embed markdown from one file directly into another
  • an agreement that we need to have a way to repeat steps multiple times, but that extra thought is needed to make the final documentation clear. But that some of this may be solved by the templating, so this will take priority.

sent you a private message to get the link but… :man_shrugging:
It would be interesting to have a more tutorial-style meeting at some point too

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Sorry Nano! Right, next time I won’t hide the link. I am clearly too disorganised to actually get the link out to people. :frowning_face:

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Thank you for sharing Julian.

My comment for the meeting would also have been related to tutorials. More specifically, I feel it would be nice to have a page describing GitBuilding overall; so that users can get a sense of the “big picture” and flatten the learning curve a bit.

In summary, it is not entirely clear to me how GitBuilding is meant to be used, and workflow examples for new users starting new projects would be welcome.


My general feeling is that GitBuilding’s usage documentation offers thorough syntax and usage details first, without previously presenting an abstract overview of how it works.

After getting a basic bearing, I’d appreciate a description of the basic kinds of files and a directory structure for a GitBuilding project, syntax and linking examples based on those files, and workflow examples for projects at different stages of development.

For example, the getting started page is about syntax, but without context: which file is being edited? where is it? why it is being shown to me?. The getting started page prompts more questions than answers and, unfortunately, the full example linked at the end is mostly intimidating :worried:.

The documentation offers something similar to an overview diagram in the complex projects page, but it is a bit complex for new users.

To illustrate: whenever I start a new programming project, it is usually in R :heart:, and I always follow this directory structure and use RStudio projects. The recommended directory structure immediately reflects what an R workflow is all about. If you have this basic knowledge, getting started is a breeze.

I hope my comments are helpful. I am really grateful for your work on GitBuilding.


These are great ideas. Yes, I am sure I am too close to GitBuilding and am trying to tell you too much too soon. I think it would be good for me to overhaul the getting started page. I will try to find time to do this and will check back in with you.

I really really appreciate the honest feedback. It really helps me move forward :heart: