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Day 4: Late night rambling how quantum mechanics suggests we're living in a simulation

Participants: @gbathree @lucaszw @Jsmleete @ryanfobel @juanpedro.maestre

Suppose that we are living in a simulation. The computer would only have to simulate actions that impact human beings (i.e., no need to render the cat until you open the box). Lots more talk about woo woo, structured water, water memory, etc.

If we live in a simulation, what’s the purpose of the simulation? Human beings are intelligent and we like to engage in other experiences (e.g., we like to play video games, read books, etc.). We do this because otherwise, we only have the content of our own brain. The simulation of our experience is really just an alien playing a video game… This helps Greg sleep at night because it means that dying simply implies that the video game is over.

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@gbathree and @lucaszw need to flesh this out

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I would have loved to be there :stuck_out_tongue:

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It was fun, I often thought other GOSHers and how I wished we could be together more. We could have had this conversation and then went waterskiing to stimulate the mind and the body! :slight_smile: