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Day 3: GOSH even greater

Regional Conferences
Networked conferences
Funding and management

Purpose Driven & Community Building

Road Map (review, transfer info, refine, video/slide show so all local GOSH can use it 15%)
Ideation (refresh RM from un-conference clustering & community building 10-30%) ---- Action (driven by RM 40-60%)

Application: include RM action categories on application, responsible person for connecting group and suggestion opportunity for worksop/support on their project to prepare and bring equipment for gathering

Night before: community building, network, informal show and tell

anage expectations: clear about what movement is and broad framework of goals
more time: night before, call before
Review Road map- start with mush, some stay on topic until come up with action, others move to action

balance attendees: new and experts,research, policy and makers

Pre-determined collaboration- Focused groups to get things done- group engaged on project between conferences with schedule for future conferences and meetings

Collaborations of interest that bring us together vs. all the planning that has to get done for gathering
Find the thing- do the thing for rest of conference, progress will be more exciting for all than disengaged participation in sessions

Manifesto, value statement, code of conduct, GOSH is and GOSH isn’t

Community building through sessions
Spent two GOSH getting to a road map- now using same tools when Community building is goal, implementing road map is the goal. Present road-map and spend conference achieving goals on road-map
Ethics set - Changes to application in practice, refining road map
introductions for newcomers- the un-conference format, can help engage new people, the structure helps transfer knowledge

building on existing work- ie. methods for collaboration, K-12 education

appreciation for 2nd GOSH use of speakers at beginning of day that helps set tone for day

Currently lead time is 12-18 months
done a good job coming together and seeing where the applications for OsH are, now need different structures, smaller gatherings, regional, project focused

Git lab combined with Road Map
Survey for community and broader impacted population

Public presentation/platform for intro to GOSH

Residency for focused planning efforts/ projects rather than just individuals- opportunity for engaging broader participation
International expensive, regional fair cost, residency can be very cheap

Residencies on Gitlab
Projects on Gitlab

Package for funding application
How funding happens and where labor comes from: two main organization from 2015 get most funding- the labor is voluntary. Be very concious of collective vision, not about central control, about checking in
Prepare grant write up, adjust for specifics

Bringing GOSH to other conferences


  1. Brainstorming new conference structures that balance community building and action components:

@juanpedro.maestre @shannond @gbathree @ryanfobel

  1. Managing expectations: clear about what movement is and broad framework of goals (GOSH is and GOSH isn’t). [@mariafrangos]

  2. Produce short video for quickly introducing people to GOSH. @alisonjparker?

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