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Day 2: OScH for addressing the climate crisis


Angela, @ryanfobel, @Nicole , @asmithw, @shannond, @Jsmleete, @leandro.mastrantonio, Peter


There are personal scale, community scale, regional scale OScH hacks and developed hardware that needs to be given recognition at a policy/ decision making scale.


Understanding carbon footprint- can OScH help?
Residential innovations –how to scale
Home solar heaters/water air
Electricity generation (@c.arpino working on a micro wind generator)
OScH to verify sustainable practices
Monitoring solutions – current OScH
People engaged in measurement
Remediation Monitoring- examples
Landscape Arch monitoring benefits before and after- exposing full value of project
PPM soil monitoring bad actors in agriculture
Show relationship between agricultural practices and carbon sequestration in soil
Open and transparent data generated by OScH funded by carbon tax
What is the most basic entry point?
Chicago- low cost sensors to identify hot spots – Indicators, got communities engaged, teems learning about whole process
Come to us, high quality calibrated better monitors, better data over time, change traffic, allocate funds…
How to avoid bias, monitor system to reveal issue, maybe there is not an issue- drop it, there is such a significant issue- can’t affect change
To change game have to democratize data
Monitoring is the first step to expose impact negative or positive of behaviors
How to motivate people to do what they know best? How to be as inclusive as possible- affordable, education?
Where is value placed, where is alignment, better for all of us if you do this- how to align culture, what is the personal benefit/sacrifice – if you are going to fly don’t eat meat – PERSONAL HACKS
People’s experience of environment- can build the whole power wall maybe power light
Carbon tax break to individuals

Nutrient blobs- phosphorus, nitrogen- not just monitoring also solutions
Community monitoring, responsibility of community/ industry to make change.
Land loss, erosion, flooding- no way to get to policy scale from community scale block by block
Need a white rabbit example to show how OScH can be used/is valid at larger scales for policy change
New Orleans to Louisiana scale master plan- Visual data, narrative, etc. coming from community who know the issues- no place in policy for this to be heard
Documentation with OScH to show adaptation, people able to show locally what is happening.

Personal scale, community scale, regional scale

Action items

Drawdown, Paul Hawkin- create parallel list of OScH solutions