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Day 2: Open Collaboration

Attendees: @cphajduk @lucaszw Thomas Mboa, Adam

  • Collaboration usually happens accidentally, for instance, Adam found someone else within the same university who was doing water monitoring work as well"
  • FEV, breath monitoring video game project had a lot of collaborators demonstrated on Day 1, found mostly through other events (in this case, game jams)
  • Thomas had a meeting in Bangkok within a workshop that inspired him to join the movement after talking with like-minded people
  • I (chris) had times with too many collaborators and times with not enough collaborators. Each has its challenges and finding the right balance is important. Too large and very little gets done due to organization overhead. Too little and everyone might give up because of the grandiose task.
  • Volunteering in general is difficult because it works well for short time periods
  • Non-profit versus for-profit recruiting are quite different. Volunteer non-profit need to focus on the “impact”, whereas the other extreme “for-profit” can use financial incentives to help.
  • Having common values is crucial
  • Using public resources is a good way to expand your network and improve chances of collaboration (makerspaces, events, funding opportunities)
  • Using standard job sites/networking/stakeholders possible if you have the ability to make a financial offer, but many open hardware projects don’t have the “money in the bank” luxury
  • For low funding projects, need to focus on the benefits collaborators will get if they succeed, think about what another person is excited about, and avoid giving people “boring” tasks to consider
  • Many OSH projects are just 1 person
  • When coming to GOSH, you should be looking to help others more than you help yourself

Action Items:

  • Possibly add to the GOSH manifesto: “Put yourself out there; help others more than you help yourself” with respect to the meetups.
  • openhardware.science should have a list of common open hardware projects used by the community. The forum is not a good place to have this list (not accessible or publicly editable).