Day 2: New Tech for OSH, Community Project


@fabioballi @gbathree @shannond @mariafrangos @lucaszw


We walked around and brainstormed new tech that may make a good fit for open source hardware in science due to the type of development required, scale, or market. We also referenced the most impactful possible outcomes for this tech or project, so we could identify something which has most impact on the movement generally. We discussed e-noses, ways to measure sperm counts, and wireless electricity.


Found this for existing open source e-noses -

  • The base device is flexible - people can easily build a new chip with different architecture, so we could try to test various applications for which it could be useful.

Also found an open source model for predicting sperm quality! -

  • This may be really interesting to contact them - basically they have the software + data components, and would need a better hardware component. - another interesting personal health project, Fabio mentioned.

Action items

@gbathree contact these folks -, follow up with maybe integrating with javascript and Our Sci and OpenFlexure @rbowman
@lucaszw will contact openQCM @marco.mauro to follow up on applications for e-nose with openQCM. Also, follow up with trufflebot and (maybe) build one. Post on the forums review on the forums concerning both those things.