[Day 2] Latin America

I noticed we never posted the notes from this unconference session. I cannot do this, because I didn’t take it, but I think I can write down a summary that is at least a little bit representative of what we discussed. If you post the notes here @minecastel I believe we can write something better.


Convenor: @leosehn (Brasil)
Notes: @minecastel (México)
Attendees: @biomakers_lab (Perú), Tamara Matute (Chile), Isaac Nuñez (Chile), @pixel (Brasil), @edu.biomusical (Brasil), @laola (Argentina), @alquimetricos (Argentina/Brasil), @jarancio (Argentina), @nanocastro (Argentina), @Tobey (UE/Chile), @marinappdf (Brasil), @Analia (Argentina), @magic.towers (Argentina).


After introducing ourselves, we started talking about one main movement related to OScH and GOSH in Latin America: TECNOx. Some attendees didn’t know it and then some organizers from the last edition (Chile) explained how it started as biotecnhology competition and with time it got more oriented into open source technology. After that, organizers from the next edition (Brasil) explained about the plans of fortifying the unconference format and the code of conduct, much influenced by GOSH. The theme of TECNOx 4.0 was also mentioned: ethics, human rights and free technologies. Some attendees manifested that is always important to connect the aspect of openness and freedom of technologies to the social aspect of it, specially in our latin american region, in which we face profound social problems. We commented that is not possible to bring many people from Latin America to GOSH, so its important to communicate in our region that this movement exists and try to fortify our latin american branch considering our regional context and demands. One way proposed to achieve that is to organize local events, like TECNOx, and to talk about it in other events with some alignment, like open and citizen science events. It was also said that we need opportunities for deeper interaction between latin american groups, for example in the residency format that has been discussed by the GOSH Community. More interactions between groups we’re considered as something important for us to achieve, and even with the consensus that we’re not in a good moment to raise funds in our region, participants agreed that we should try to support each other to make it cheaper to visit groups from other countries. One practical action proposed (that did happen!) was to record some reports from latin american GOSHers during GOSH 2018 to invite others to participate in TECNOx (thanks to @marbasch, @leosehn and the interviewed folks).

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