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Day 2: Designing Hardware

@ Shannon, Angela, Jessica, Matt, Ting, Mike
How to get started?

Role of open source tools in creating open science hardware, does using an open source tool chain help
Design decision (CNC, 3-d printer), who is the design for, is it reproducible by them

Mike: Lab Electronic Chemistry- PhD Project, good source is the electronic companies that make the components, some will send free samples, diagrams, data sheets. I needed a tool so motivated to make it. Many failed attempts
Classes, Maker’s space workshops, for basic level electronics knowledge
Arduino etc easy way to begin, details around why not performing in way needed can adjust
When need higher performance, online circuit design sites such as Artson.com- virtual circuits in ideal world. Breadboard test to PCP
3dhub.com- website good for CNC, injection molds, etc find resources for production and important design considerations
Copper board, paint black, laser cut/etch circuit

Mayfly Data logger- what do you need in the end (shape, size, powersource). 3-4 months of work to get here. Print circuit board, foam, stick components in; room to put finger in and turn it on, can you see the lights etc. Found the box, smallest opaque box that would lock, called manufacturer to confirm continued production, would add more pins but no room. Working with manufacturer to reduce size and get open source- optical water quality measurements $200 vs $30K. Able to prove that getting the same measurements as the expensive instruments. Components have schematic about all parts, space etc required. Copy that into schematic

Angela- Always running two sensors in same conditions for study period
$700 sensor finicky to heat, moisture
$15 sensor more robust equivalent info, affordability able to be more ubiquitous
Trouble shooting on existing hardware

Recycle plastic- Plastic confetti, dried and extruded into filament. Need more control on maintaining filament diameter
Google, youtube videos, code that exists with Arduino etc. to get LCD screen to show temp. Started with simple goal of rotating a stepper motor. Many machined parts, possibly provide machined parts to those interested in building
Accessibility / performance

https://gitlab.com/gosh-community/gosh-roadmap/-/boards 4