Crowdfunding a new OpenFlexure-family Microscope

Hello everyone,

As many of you know has a challenge for designing Low Cost Tools for Science

@hikinghack and I have submitted a project and we are really excited that we have been awarded $8,500 of grant funding. However, to make the project a reality we need another $5k.

What is the project? I hear you say

One thing we are regularly asked for in the OpenFlexure project is a microscope to look at bigger things like bugs and circuit boards. When we took the OpenFlexure to Panama for Dinacon, we met scientists studying orchid bees using dissection microscopes. They would love a low-cost portable microscope they could take into the field.

Andy runs a field station in Panama, I no longer work full time on OpenFlexure. This seemed like the perfect time to develop an OpenFlexure-family Dissection Microscope:

The microscope will:

  • Be totally open so you can build one yourself
  • Have clear documentation to enable it to be built easily
  • Focus on good quality mechanics so the microscope is easy to use

If you are able to, please consider supporting us.

Thank you


Awww yeah!


Just pitched in with a little pledge.

I’ve always admired OpenFlexure and hope it will continue to be a paragon of open source hardware and software!

Thank you @julianstirling and @hikinghack! :hearts:


I personally think OpenFlexure is the best model for DIY development.


Thanks Pen and Adrian,

I think with OpenFlexure we did well showing what can be done if you invest the time in using all open tools, working openly, and encouraging community. It however takes a lot of effort to work that way. Hopefully as the Open Hardware matures the software platforms and tools we need will mature, along with an understanding of best practices to make it less time consuming.