Comparing and contrasting OH licenses: calling all GOSH artists!

Dear All,

We made some progress in describing the parallels and contrasts between OH licenses. But… we need much better graphics and presentation text!
(^^^ I uploaded the complete text + SVG files to make things easier)

This is a call for ** all GOSH artists ** to help us improve the graphs and prepare a 1-pager that explains the key differences between existing OH licenses.

Here is what is pending from the GOSH roadmap tasks we have been developing:

  1. Help improve the comparison table of OH licenses and post it on Wikipedia (we can re-license the graph images as public domain to make this possible);
  2. Help update the table to include CERN OH 2.0 (when we prepared the article, the COHLv2 was not ready yet… so it is mentioned by not included in our comparison table).

If we complete these two tasks, we can close one important GOSH roadmap issue:

Big hugs (from a distance!)


I have moved the table into a spreadsheet so it is easy to modify:

I have added the 3 versions of the new CERN-OHL.

I have tried to complete these. Some options I was fairly unsure on so I tried to point these out with questions in brackets. The ones without questions are still just my reading, and I am very much not a lawyer. Perhaps we should get Andrew Katz or Javier to check out the table before it goes on wikipedia.

@julianstirling: this is most excellent!

We can summon @Javier and @AndrewKatz to take a final look at the table!

This is indeed a great resource. I am due to talk to @javier shortly, so this is something I can talk about with him then.

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