Community Council Meeting Summary - 2022-05-04

Hey everyone,

Below is a summary of the GOSH Community Council meeting that took place on May 5, 2022

Updates from the following “Council-backed Working Groups.”

Council-backed Working Groups are Working Groups that are anchored by a particular Council member who shares their authority with the Working Group to collaboratively develop protocols for distributing resources:

  • Gathering WG: Received 138 applications to the 2022 Global Gathering in Panama. We’re in good shape. Although applications are now closed, we will continue to reach out the local community in Panama we could benefit from more local participants.
  • Regional Funding WG: Quick update on outstanding tasks regarding due diligence.
  • Collaborative Development WG: There is a meeting with open hardware makers to see how we can work together in the second phase
  • Listening WG: Listening is now complete. There are a few short agenda items to cover loose ends in the next meeting. Once that’s done, we will be ready to proceed with the election.


  • Election / governance document. We reviewed a few small, and oustanding comments on the document, which was discussed in length last week. The election process can now begin.
  • Selected a councilor to be a part of the reviewing panel for the 2022 GOSH research and policy writing workshops.

One agenda item (discussion of Mastodon instance for GOSH) was pushed to next week due to time.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!