Community Council meeting summary 2022-02-02

Hi all,
Here’s the latest summary from our Council Meeting:

Regional Funding:

  • HPY: Had review meeting for the 20 applications! We made recommendations and sent them to the board of GOSH Inc! Expect that 2nd Round will open in next few weeks.
  • AQ: making official memo on all reviewers conflicts of interest to file with the board.

Community Calls

  • Community calls - presentation spots filled Feb-April! Thanks to Bri

Writing Workshops

  • Bri created this google [doc]((Bri) to help facilitate the process of scoping these writing workshops writing workshop scope GOSH - Google Docs). Upon discussion, the Council asked Bri to check with GOSH Inc board "whether workshops can be a space for community review of things like community governance docs like A) constitution; B) election procedures. The Council thinks this works because "working on the constitution makes sense because it will/does contribute to GOSH’s goals, etc. "

Election Autopsy

  • Listening / Knowledge Working Group (Liz, Pen, Laura with support from Bri) wants to hear from far-flung members who are less active on the forum about what didn’t work for them in the last election. The timeline of this listening will be based on setting the dates for GOSH ELECTION 2022 and then working backward.
  • In the meantime before we get this all set up, if you or someone you know in GOSH has something to say about any of this, please go ahead and respond here in this thread or message the Council Group (closed) here: Gosh 2021 community council - GOSH Community Forum

As always our notes are here in full from the meeting