Community Council meeting summary 2021-12-15

Here’s a summary of yesterday’s meeting!
As always the full, unabridged notes are here:

We will being trying to take a break after months of non-stop work until our next meeting in the new year!

GOSH Community Council meeting summary 2021-12-15

Facilitator: @briannaljohns
Scribe: @hikinghack


  • hugest news right now! - The application for regional funding is LIVE! Apply now! the whole application is here! For this first round of funding for larger regional events you can

  • we have also been working on the legal memorandum of understanding (MOU) for our host institution for GOSH Global in Panama with Fab Lab Ecostudio in Ciudad Del Saber

  • note, we are currently targeting October 26-29 as the tentative dates for the event!

Agenda item 1 - Finish up the Collaborative Development grant Application

  • Document is progressing and will follow much the same format as the application for regional funding.
  • There are two main tracks in this grant
    • Established project track - funding for established Open Science Hardware projects looking to advance their project to the next stage
    • New Project Track - This track provides funding for individuals and groups looking to build their first prototype or to significantly improve a prototype.
  • They are aiming to get this application out early in the new year!

Action items summarised by @briannaljohns:

  1. Pen will share the regional funding application on the forum (Already done!)

  2. Resolve comments & add remaining edits on the collaborative development doc and send it to the board as soon as you can (this action item is for the entire council).

  3. Laura will follow up with Nano and let him know that he can participate in the review process but will have to recuse himself during the review of his own application.

  4. Julian will review the policy index to determine whether it is something that can be moved to Gitlab or another open source platform.

  5. Pen will follow up with Thomas and schedule a meeting with him in the new year once things calm down a bit more

  6. Andy will post the meeting summary on the forum. (right now!)

  7. Reminder for councilfolk to introduce yourself on the forum if you have not done so already!

next meeting will nominally be on 2022-01-05.

That’s all folks!

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Much useful and appreciated