Cohort 1 - Experts introduction

Hi everyone!

We are going to use this forum thread to introduce the experts of Open Hardware Makers - Cohort 1.

Please share with us your name, a little about yourself and your area of expertise, and why you joined Open Hardware Makers :heart:.


Hi - I am Joshua Pearce. I run the runs the Free Appropriate Sustainability Technology research group at Western University in Canada. My research concentrates on the use of open source appropriate technology (OSAT) to find collaborative solutions to problems in sustainability and to reduce poverty. Our research spans areas of engineering of solar photovoltaic technology, open hardware, and distributed recycling and additive manufacturing (DRAM) using RepRap 3-D printing, but also includes policy and economics. I joined OHM because frankly this is the future and I want to get us there faster. :slight_smile:


Hello all. I am Saulo Jacques, research and development coordinator of Hacking Ecology, a free and open source technologies organization based in Barcelona. My activities cover the development of electronic boards and sensors for water quality monitoring, a privacy-oriented platform for environmental data management, and collaboration with ecological research groups (mainly in Spain and Brazil), using open hardware in their activities. I joined “Open Hardware Makers” because I think the best strategy for open hardware popularization and the success of open source projects is the collaboration (and knowledge sharing) between individuals and groups.


Hello World :bulb:, I’m Salman Faris from Kerala, INDIA. I work at Nebra and running hardware maker community called MakerGram , I studies computer science then learned digital fabrication with fab academy and electronics product prototyping as passion. I have experience with rapid prototyping technique including hardware, electronics and software.

I joined open hardware because, I believe sharing is caring and that will help us to learn more in depth, so I would like share what I know exciting learn from others though this program. Looking forward to work with you all :slightly_smiling_face:.


Hi all, I am Thomas Euler from Tübingen, Germany. I am a biologist and neuroscientist by training. My lab at the Center for Ophthalmology and the CIN of the Tübingen University studies visual information processing in the eye, specifically in the retina. To this end, we image neural activity in response to visual stimuli using two-photon microscopy. Because our work requires flexible, often non-commercial solutions, we develop software, electronics, and hardware, which is openly available via our GitHub repository. In addition, I am interested in MicroPython and MMBasic as easily accessible programming languages for microcontrollers, in developing and building small robots as well as other electronic gimmicks. In this context, I wrote a few articles for the German Make: magazine. I joined Open Hardware Makers because I like the Maker community.


Hi people, I’m Eric Belarbre from Australia, I’m a serial entrepreneur with a love for hardware products :blush: I’ve played with medical devices, virtual reality, exoskeletons, cameras etc. and I believe open-source is what all companies should do! Looking forward to the program :sunrise:


Hi there - I am Ricardo, a Brazilian researcher, lecturer and consultant on the intersection of innovation and sociopolitical inclusion. For the last two decades, I’ve been developing projects on digital tools and human rights, in the governmental sector, development cooperation, and academia. Nowadays, I am International Executive Director at Global Innovation Gathering. I believe the Open Hardware Makers has great importance in fostering local innovation in the globe.


We are a innovation group located in uganda rehino refugees settlement

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key results activities and recommendation/Area for future improvement

Hi everyone, I’m Sarah Kiden. I’m a Marie Curie Research Fellow on Open Design of Trusted Things (OpenDoTT), a joint programme between Northumbria University and Mozilla to explore how to build a more open, secure and trustworthy Internet of Things.

I joined the Open Hardware Makers because I’m excited to see the projects from this year’s cohort, contribute to them and learn from everyone.


Am wafela Andrew I love open source,iam greatful to have one of my projects in ohm and ready to share the knowledge I have and learn alot more from others projects.
Waiting for the kick off.

Nice to meet you ready to learn something new from you.

Hello dear all, I am Vicy, and I am super excited to be here with you all! I firmly believe in openness and sharing, making knowledge available to everyone - and I am really thrilled that I can contribute to OHM. I have always enjoyed tinkering and tech, but only fell into the beautiful rabbit hole of open software & hardware when I joined the AfricaHackTrip in 2013. Since then, I support and facilitate connections between critical makers, innovators, hubs, and wider ecosystems - right now, mostly as a mentor for #ASKnet and a designer of projects around critical making and mobile makerspaces. I co-founded #weareGIG, I drove the #Labmobile to Greece and Uganda, published some things during a brief period in academia, and I work as a consultant for GIZ, ITU, EU and others.


Hi all,

Sorry I forgot to do this earlier. I am Julian Stirling. I am a Post-Doc at the University of Bath. I work on the OpenFlexure Project and develop a documentation program called GitBuilding. My core focus at the moment is on transitioning open hardware from prototypes into products that can be made anywhere. This include, improving designs with manufacturing in mind, quality systems to ensure the design meets specifications, getting the documentation in order so that manufacturers can use it.

I am also a member of the GOSH community council council, and on the board of GOSH Inc.

When I am not working on Open Hardware I enjoy maintaining heritage hardware. My main focus is a 200 year old waterwheel which I help maintain and run: