Bringing merch and stuffs to Panama to share around the globe

I am looking around for someone to bring stuffs to Panama to share around some of our kits and free CO2 sensor samples around the globe.

See more about the sensors here.

As i personally cannot make it, i was wondering if anybody travels from Switzerland to GOSH2022? @Rachel

I can also give some stuff to @gaudi who will travel to AfriOSH next week, and from there the stuff can travel onwards, or be distributed there.

Also loads of zines and stikers have been made in Indonesia, how to send them over to Panama?

Pakde Marcjono

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I hope you can find a good open hardware mule!

As for sending stuff here, Panamá doesn’t really have a functioning mail system, so we have to rely on private companies sending stuff via an address in the USA.

They charge me for every package received be weight and volume, but for small cool things like a package of cool stickers, ill be happy to accept! has my Fastbox USA address you can send stuff too!

Just don’t do like what my mom did once and send a huge box of a bunch of pillows and towels that cost me like $70

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sorry, again, Marc. Everyone says we have to travel with carry-on’s only these days… I can bring some flat things, probably, but can’t even bring one of the openflexure rigs, so am trying to document more… =P

btw, we have plans for CO2 sensors with our PM2.5… would be good to look together at what our friend Richard has (made my PM2.5 with him at the FabLab Neuch)