Basic skills course for open science hardware

Hi all
I have to build the syllabus for a course to teach basic skills for open science hardware (30 hours aprox) for agronomy and environmental sciences university students.
I would like to know about some goshers similar experiences… @amchagas @dusjagr @juanmagararc maybe you can help me with this…??


I really like the structure of this course on github by Thomas Amberg (though it’s pretty focussed on IOT). I’d also be interested in co-developing some OSH curriculum. I am planning to teach a data science course focused on energy data. If that sounds interesting to anyone, get in touch…


Hi Nano!

glad to share some thoughts and ideas, could you give us more details about the course?

Is it something like an intro to building open science hardware?
(in this one, in general terms, we have had good feedback with a project based approach, where participants come with an idea of something they need/would like to have in their labs/spaces and learn things towards that goal)

Or more on documentation aspects of it?
(for that @jarancio @vektor and I are working OHM, which could be useful I guess?)


Hi @nanocastro ,
That’s cool :slight_smile: I had to do a one day course about prototyping and open-source.
In complement to the presentation of the technologies, I like to highlight the opportunity given by open-srouce to quickly try an idea → the possibility to fail fast. In addition, I like to make the student to work on real projects. They learn by doing :slight_smile: Enjoy !

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Hi Andre
Thanks for your answer

Yes. It is for undergrad students not familiar with open source hardware at all. My idea was to cover some basic tools (ie microcontrollers, digital design, documentation). A project based approach sounds good to drive them throgh these topics… not sure how it will work if students don’t have a project in mind, maybe I can propose some projects too…have to think a little bit about it.

I will try to go through this and for sure I will look into you awesome curriculum :slight_smile: but I will only scratch the surface, hopefully in a subsequent course I can go in depth

Thanks for your thought @Tanguy…I like the idea to have the students to deal with frustration, I think is a very important part of a significative learning :slight_smile:

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Should we organize a call on that subject?
We can get @tamberg involved aswell, from the IOT class, he is a good friend and member of our hackerspace here.

starting my project course again this coming monday (tamberg’s first teaching experience in 2018)
DIY MedTech.
It’s also pretty much project based learning. 1 week in the fablab, for most a new environment.

And i want reorganize the whole class soon. 5 years the same is enough.



yess please.
I have to finish the programme asap so… I already made a raw aproximation here(it is in spanish and boring formal format sorry :frowning: )
all comments and suggestions welcome7

and here you can find the english translation