Archiving GOSH Community Newsletters

Hi everyone,

I am interested in archiving the monthly GOSH Community Newsletters in an accessible and open-source way. Right now I am using the #newsletter tag as a sort of archive for past newsletters, but I’d love to have something similar to what @julianstirling created for the Community Council meeting minutes.

I have the following URL previews for each newsletter (except October 2021, unfortunately that one was lost :confused:)

I also have HTML code for each of them if that is more useful. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could archive these past newsletters and future newsletters going forward?

Thanks everyone!
-Bri :v:

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Easy to make a space on GitLab if you have the HTML and the assets. We can set up a call and just put them on?


@julianstirling sounds like a plan! I’ll send you a message to find a time to meet.

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What is the raw file, are you writing them in markdown and then export to html? Anyway, it would be nice to save these raw data file (either instead or in addition to the html).

a place in gitlab sounds like a good solution. If there is some image (meaning some larger files), you may want to have a specific repo for it.