[April] GOSH Community Call - Join us :)



Hi all!

April is near and so is our 2nd GOSH community call. I’m proposing here the call details, to be discussed.

We’re seeking suggestions, topics, collaborations, ideas, just leave your comment below :point_down:t4:

April call

Tentative agenda:
a) Introductions/newcomers
b) Introduce your project - volunteers???
c) Topic discussion didn’t happen last time, it’s an option: New funding concepts for GOSH
d) Learning something new from a GOSHer (volunteers??? maybe @kaspar?)

March call

a) Introductions/newcomers
b) Soil cromatography with @nanocastro
c) Topic discussion: New funding concepts for GOSH
d) Learning something new from a GOSHer, this time with @julianstirling

As @ryanfobel mentioned in GOSH Riot channel, the idea is to rotate meeting times so everyone has a chance to attend. Suggestions, constributions, etc welcome in this post.


let’s add it also to our gcal:



Hi all,
Good thing this call! :grinning:
I wonder though, how and who decided which topics were going to be discussed in this first call?


Hey @pazbernaldo! Discussion was open here, in the issues, for 3 months: https://gitlab.com/gosh-community/gosh-roadmap/issues/110

I know not all GOSHers check gitlab, so I also posted it in other channels like Riot.

As there were no suggestions and I’m responsible for that issue, for this time I picked a topic that is currently being actively discussed in the forum (New funding concepts, funding toolchain for GOSH?)

Regarding the other sections, as I didn’t receive comments I contacted diverse goshers - @nanocastro and @julianstirling replied and are available for the time of the call.

Hopefully after this 1st call the following will have more participation in the making of the agenda. At least that would make things easier for me!


As for the learn something new session I am not sure what to talk about. Options include:

  • Calibrations - what are they?
  • The new SI - The world just redefined the way we define our units
  • 3D printing lab equipment - How to not simply copy a metal design and produce something rubbish

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I could probably talk about other things. Feel free to suggest something or I will just pick one myself.


:wink: super


I turned your options into a poll. FYI you can add a poll by clicking on the gear icon and selecting “Build Poll” while editing a post.


This is happening today right ?


yup! in 2 hs!


didn’t get the time right :rage: and joined an hour later. anyways, let us know how it went.


Oh no @pazbernaldo! It went ok, we had some technical difficulties with JitSi but many joined! Notes are here

I also made a backup of the notes in the gitlab GOSH repository, just did the merge request (ping @unixjazz :D)


Ping everyone, april call details are on the top post to be discussed!


It is worth noting that the hour change in Europe happens on March 31st. So if you want to do the call at 4PM in Geneva it will be CEST (GMT+2) not CET. Assuming this is the plan the plan, people should hopefully be able to find their local time here. Hour changes suck.