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[June] GOSH Community Call - Join us :)

Somehow I completely missed this call for the call! Sorry! Can do tomorrow or in a week!

Hey, I changed it - If no one has problems, I think it’s better, we can get someone reporting directly from AfricaOSH, and we can promote the call, which I wasn’t able to do this month.

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@pazbernaldo @gpereyrairujo @ffederici esta vez (11/04) es más amigable con horario Lat Am, quieren presentar algo?

jeje sí, quizás contarles en no más de 5 minutos en qué estamos y lo que aprendimos en los últimos meses, pero onda súper resumen.
tengo que ultra mirar el cambio de horario aquí en chile pa no equivocarme de nuevo

Je @pazbernaldo I put a link there to check timezones (thanks to @julianstirling)

@dusjagr I can’t add the event to our shared gosh calendar idk why, permissions issue

Is it time to think about a May call? Perhaps a good time to discuss roadmap progress, nudging, and getting people onto GitLab.

Late afternoon/evening Europe time might make sense to increase participation in the Americas?

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Hey! I was at home on holidays, with the aim of truly disconnecting, so apologies for not taking this before.

Yes, that’s a good topic indeed. Also the coming GOSH Great Lakes, maybe @gbathree @ryanfobel can suggest a time for the call?

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That would be great. I could in theory make it, but need to set my alarm appropriately :slight_smile:

But yeah, if we could give an update on GL GOSH I’m totally game.

PS thanks Julian you’ve been rocking it on gitlab.

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I though the plan anyway was to rotate call time in the name of global fairness?

[As for GitLab. Almost all of my work is in GitLab, so I am on there every day… The best platform is the one you use already.]

Yes, that’s what I’ve been saying from the beginning :stuck_out_tongue: Propose a time pleeeeeeaaaaase

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@gbathree or anyone from GL GOSH to propose a date/time?

I can definitely propose times :slight_smile:

I can do most any time from 8:45am EST to 3:00pm EST (GMT -5), so if it’s mostly europe, latin america, US and africa, 9:00am EST is probably good since that’s later in the day for you all but not too late. That’s definitely hard for Asia, but it’s impossible for all time zones to work all the time (like… literally impossible).

Tuesday the 28th or Tuesday the 4th work well for me as well…

So May 28 or June 4 at 9am EST?

June 4th, 9am EST?

And as @julianstirling was proposing, we can do a recap of activities post Shenzhen + GOSH GL?

By EST do you mean EDT (Eastern time during daylight savings)? Everyone should be able to find the time in their zone here.

@jarancio Can we update the OP and topic title? I am not sufficiently important to do so :smile_cat:.

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Discourse knows nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

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Added to the gosh community calendar.
Also as a google calendar event here


Ping @kaspar, to see if we can continue using your jitsi instance?

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Kaspar said to me the server will be on. He won’t be able to make it to the call though :frowning:

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cool, confirmed then

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Hi, there was no link on the Calendar Event to the jitsi or to the notes. Trying to join!