Agenda for Governance WG Meeting #8 - Mon 19 Oct at 14:00 UTC

Dear Governance Working Group Members

We have the next installment of the GOSH Governance WG meeting tomorrow/today depending on where you are in the world!

Mon 19 Oct at 14:00 UTC!

Here are the notes from last time. It was agreed that the governance spreadsheet that emerged from our work to date is good set of recommendations but we need to:

  • formalize scope of groups
  • process by which people are part of groups
  • recommendations for these groups
  • expectations of members of management group

The agenda for this meeting is therefore to discuss and move towards decisions on:

  • How do we envision the structure of a management group?
  • How do we get that group in place?
  • Possible scenarios of how this representation can be made
  • How to engage broad GOSH community (call) (after first version of proposal is complete)

Looking forward to speaking soon! If you can’t make it, please feel free to send your thoughts here.