After-GOSH hackathon/retreat discussion


For anyone thinking about coming to the post-event hackathon/retreat, please post any ideas for projects you’d like to pursue over the weekend or anything else that you’d like to do during this time. It could be a workshop you want to lead, a collaboration you’re hoping to find, or a call for volunteers.

If nothing comes to mind, you can also volunteer your time/skills to someone else’s project.

Or if you’d rather just relax and hang out and get to know other GOSHers, that’s ok too! This event is all about getting to know each other and building a community.


I’ve posted an example project: Developing an automated workflow for colorimetric testing using digital microfluidics.


In the last months, Breathing Games commoners have been developing a breathe-through controller that can be used to play digital games and self-assess one’s lung capacity (spirometry).

Our goal is to promote respiratory health globally, and encourage everyone to act to preserve the air.

What if we collectively enhanced this open source controller, for example by adding sensors to assess the air quality, thinking its diffusion in poor regions with reduced infrastructure, defining how communities could take ownership of this project? :smiley:
See you soon


Fabio - is this something you’d like to work on in the hackathon? Can you outline some things that people could do or contribute to with you, or ways to interoperate with other projects that may be coming? If not, it’s ok, you can work on it on the fly also :wink: