About the Operational Documents category

What is this??

Over the years, the GOSH Community produced various documents about how we do things. This could be the Governance Plans that set out Community Council elections over the past few years, the Code of Conduct, and other things. As part of our attempt to bring some organisation to these documents, we would like to name them “Operational Documents” and gather them under one forum category.

This forum category hosts the various Operational Documents that cover the governance of the GOSH Community. Each Operational Document will be represented by its own thread in this category. For example, the GOSH Code of Conduct is an Operational Document that will get its own thread. Or, the election plans for the GOSH Community Council (called Governance Plans between 2021 and 2024) will also get a thread here.

These are the Operational Documents to be represented by threads in this category:

  • Election plan
  • Operations of the Community Council
  • Operations of working groups
  • Procedures for establishing a Regional GOSH community
  • Procedures for partnering GOSH with external organizations
  • Code of Conduct

How are these threads organised and used?

The first post of each thread will include a description of the associated Operational Document, and a link to its latest version at the time of posting.

Subsequent posts to this thread will link to new versions of that Document if and when they are created.

These threads only serve as a version history/changelog of the Documents. Discussions about these Documents should take place in other forum threads.

Relation to the GOSH Community Constitution

These Operational Documents have been developed by various GOSH community members, and derive their power and legitimacy from the GOSH Community Constitution (to be ratified in the 2024 elections). However, these Documents are separate from the Constitution, in that they can be worked on and improved on on their own, without having to go through the same process as ratifying or amending the Constitution.

In case the Constitution is not ratified, these Operational Documents can continue to live and be organised in these forum threads on their own. The GOSH Community Council and the rest of the community can make use of these Documents as they see fit regardless of their constitutional status.

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