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Cámara de respiración de suelo

Prototipo portátil y de bajo costo para medir el flujo de CO2, la temperatura y la humedad del suelo y estimar su actividad microbiana

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Hi there,
I’m glad to announce that we finally replicated the SRC with students from CEFIC-Tierra (Centro de Educación, Formación, e Investigación Campesina). This is our first step in building the agroecology lab.

This workshop was part of a project with physics students from Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales. It took them 2 hours to build the chamber, thanks to the guidance of physics students!

In the last pic you can see the the very first test of the soil respiration chamber!

In preparation for that workshop we held a gathering in which students from CEFIC connected and tested each individual sensor of the SRC so that they could get familiar with the Arduino based development workflow. I leave a link to the repo I created for that first gathering (sorry, it’s in spanish). There you can find very basic step by step instructions to connect various sensors to an Arduino board and visualize the data.

This was a big step towards the reGOSH residence that will take place in September!

One of the outcomes of this project was a bunch of new ideas about future open source hardware projects like a temperature and humidity monitoring device to control compost.