Workshopology skillshare session or unconference?


Sorry if this message comes a bit too late…! I am Juanma Garcia, currently based in Paris. With our non-profit we have been organizing developing several workshop formats both for schools and also for universities or young professionals level

I wonder if we could host a skill share session for the process of designing and organizing a workshop,
or perhaps host two different session, and keep one separate for high schools as I think there are very spacial particularities when it comes to public schools (specially in the bureaucratic French nightmare :smiley: )

would anyone be interested in joining me and co-organize this ?


Hi! I don’t know if I have the skills to co-organize this skillshare session but I would enjoy participating of it! With OpenBio we have been designing a basic workshop in biotechonology for high school students in chilean public institutions with the help of a Foundation, so it would be great to share experiences :smiley:

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I also do not know if I would have the skills for co-organizing, but I would be incredibly interested to partake in some kind of way. My next research project is actually geared specifically at studying the design of workshops, the practices involved, and the politics embedded within them.

I have run many and attended many workshops – in a middle school setting as well as in an adult makerspace setting – but I still do not know how much help I could be in this regard. I am certainly interested though. Could I PM you to find out further what you were thinking and if it would make sense for me to co-facilitate?


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I think it would be cool for GOSH to have materials for running workshops like those of “software carpentry” ( Maybe “Arduino for scientists”, “lab equipment”, etc?

One of the goals of GOSH is “to make open science hardware ubiquitous”, and I think this kind of materials could help us reach more people.

Do you think it could be one objective of this session? Or maybe something to work on during the “get to work” days?


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Hi Juanma, It will be a pleaure sor me to co-organise this session with you. Since contexts are quiet different between low-incomes and Western countries, I am sure that with my African experience, the design will be more inclusive.

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I participated in the Labico III and the methodology of this lab I liked a lot if you want in Chile we talked, and then one of the things that I loved was the “Pechacucha” which is a very spontaneous way of presenting projects and ideas. Links

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Hi everyone.
I ve been posting my workshops idea on the form
but i realise it might be of some help to present them here.

I have two workshop in mind and heart that i d like to bring:

  • Out Of Gaz is a visionary fiction workshop in the shape of collective drawing and mindmapping session to get of the petrol realm. In order to imagine a close future where there is no more petrol, we’ll gather procedures and plans to hack cars and infrastructures in the present in order to be future compatible. This drawing session want to contribute to a larger documentation for contemporary, utopian and revolutionary hacking plans to get cars out of the oil system.
  • Some Laptop Autopsies is a low tech workshop to open our own laptops. It will brings the participants to approach their laptop with the diversity of their senses and open their computer with the support of a collective and sensitive guidance. SomeLaptop AutoPsys questions the relation we have to our own computer, through an intimate dissection among electonics fragilities, mysteris and discoveries. The workshop aimes at bringing forms of empowerment, as well as a broadening our senses and deepening our relations to our « personal » computer. It brings discussions about planned obsolescence, hardware design, and the mineral and human origins and destination of electronic equipement. If personal computers have become some extension of ourself, to what extent are we allowed to open them up, take care of them and understand the way they work ?

Thanks @severine.cazaux @el.fostek @gpereyrairujo @thomasmboa @byront @goldjian for the interest :slight_smile:
I am sorry I didnt reply on this before. I have good news, the proposition was accepted by the organizers so we can go ahead and build something together.

This is what I sent out. From here we could think of a way to make it dynamic and useful for the attendees:
Title of the session: Workshopology.
Description: In Open Science School Paris, we have designed different kinds of courses, workshops or events for schools, universities and companies based in open hardware, open innovation and Interdisciplinarity. Our particularly is that workshops have been co-designed by scientists, artists and designers in a very particular manner. I would like to share with gosh the different needs of the stakeholders and how to design the activities. I want to make a skillshare session aimed at portraying our different strategies but also giving the opportunities to people to share their own experience and designs.
Skills to share: “1) How to deal with interdisciplinarity within a team. 2) When designing a workshop, how to address and identify the priorities for university, companies or schools. 3) Realistic workshop budget, HR management and objectives.”

I am thinking to make cards with our personal examples, explain them, and for the last part then make a sort of a workshop-making game where we give some constraints and the participants need to design a rough structure of workshop, objectives, materials…? What do you think?

I think perhaps we could organize a skype if some of you are interested in something like this or have some more ideas

Juan Manuel

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yep, definitely,
taking care of the budget available and adjust according to the situation is one of the most important skills to learn.
your input would be very nice !

Hello Juanma,

You guys have probably finished planning the workshop, but note that this is a session I am particularly interested in participating. Just let me know if there’s room for more hands. I want to help you in designing and conducting the workshop.

  • Kshitiz Khanal

Hello @juanmagararc,

I would like to be part of the team too. Please let me know if you have a place yet. It would be interesting this information could be part of The Essential Biohacker’s Guide. I’m one of the authors.


Pierre P.

Nice to pick up the “Workshopology” again!

We have been trying to push these kinda educational skill sharing session for non-pedagoges at various earlier events, festivals, symposia and all over.
we also made a mailllist. but it faded out… then the italians picked it up and made a github… faded out. then we started another “network” → J’aime Workshopology’aime

i will contribute to this as good as i can!
thx juanma for pushing it in.



Hi Juan! All this sounds great! You might be interested in giving a look to this repo because during our edition of Workshopology at MUSE science museum one year ago a team addressed exactly the skills-sharing topic in a very practical way.

An other amazing thing could be to document this workshopology session at GOSH to the github page we created with @serenacangiano

There is also linked a google group, as @dusjagr mentioned, but maybe you have already created a new one, I don’t know. If there is any other more active google group on this topic can be linked to this page. Any suggestion for modifications is welcome but basically, if you formalise the session, it would be great to add the event and later on the output documentation on the web page.

Just let me know!

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@juanmagararc I just arrived today. Let me know if we can meet. My whatsapp is +51993109643

I’m in either to contribute or attend.