Workshop March 27th : Low cost approach to molecular biology

Hello everyone,

Jenny, her team and I have started compiling our experiences of a guide to setting up research molecular biology labs in low-resource settings.

We’ll be hosting a big documentation session the 27th of March and are calling for everybody who’s interested in contributing their experience to join us in order to make this guide as complete as possible.

You can already look at the outline and examples of documented steps
And sign-up on this form If you would be interested in joining us on the 27th.
We’ll try to make rolling sessions to be adaptable to everyone’s timezone
Also e-mail me ( or reply to this post is you have any questions/comments !

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Hi Pia,

I linked to your initiative from our site.

I’ll monitor your work and see how we can remix.

Feel free to tag me in comments in your docs if you need my help for a specific topic. I have more than 10 years experience stewarding an open innovation lab and we also have a wet corner and have done some projects involving chemistry.

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