Wiki: List of GOSH materials like banners, stickers and more!

Hi everyone,

I had the chance to run a booth for GOSH at this year’s FOSASSIA Summit, and am sharing some of the materials we used below so that others can download and use them at events!

But first, a huge thank you to @JP08, @saadcaffeine, @Darinlobo, and @Harold for helping out with the booth and to @NKArranz for designing the banners and stickers! You can see images of the materials in this Flickr album :slight_smile:

I have made this list a wiki, so if anyone wants to share their own GOSH materials they can do so here! Alternatively, you can upload them to this Gitlab repository.

List of materials



To download images, please visit the GOSH Community Flickr


If you have any issues trying to download these files, send me a message or email.