Who is still in Santiago? (Monday 27th March)

Anyone else still in Santiago today and up for meeting up? Museums and galleries are probably all closed for the day but we could just meet for dinner or a drink or try and climb up the hill in the late afternoon? I am up for anything for the rest of the day really.

Hey @kaspar I’m still here (leaving tomorrow night). I’m planning to go to Hamilton’s talk on at 18:30 Invitation to a talk
but I’d be up for dinner or drink after (maybe around 20:00?).


I might go to the Mycellium talk by Phil Ross at 19.00-21.00 which is also a bit of a way away from Hamilton’s talk.

Maybe we could meet for drinks/food in the Italian district after that?

I’m interested in Phil’s talk too, but unfortunately can’t be in two places at once!

I’m up for trying to meet in the Italian district or somewhere else after (I’m staying in an airbnb in Lastarria not too far from the hostel). I have data service on my phone so can check back later.


Ok, I didn’t go to either talk in the end and am still in San Joaquin. I am up for meeting up anywhere near a L5 metro station in town though. Let me know if you see this in time and if you know a good place.

We are also going to the Museo de la Memoria tomorrow: Events on Mon 27 and Tuesday 28

I’m still around, close to the hostel, and was planning to go to an exhibition around here later but wouldn’t mind eating sth first.

Ok, would you be ok to meet at the hostel 21.45?

sure, I’ll be here! (have to fill out to at least 20 characters to post…)

ok i might be a little late depending on the metro