What topics would you like to discuss at GOSH community calls?

Hi all,

I hope you are doing well, wherever you are in the world!

Recently, some GOSHers have shared ideas of what they’d like to have discussed at future GOSH community calls. I have started a list below of some of these topics, but also made this post a wiki so that you can add your ideas to it!

Feel free to populate the list below with any topics you’d like to discuss at a GOSH Community Call! In the next week or so, I am happy to put together a poll so that we can collectively vote on these topics too.

List of topics for GOSH community calls:

  • Communicating open science hardware to non-technical audiences and/or stakeholders
  • Distributed manufacturing of open science hardware
  • Governance of open communities
  • Basic and complex tools of Open science hardware


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I’m suggesting the topic:

Basic and complex tools of Open science hardware