What happened with the Open Science Shop project?

Good morning!

Do anyone have any news on what happened with the Open Science Shop project of the Collaborative Development Funds 2022?

The project was a really nice idea and, apart from my personal interest, I also do have some folks interested in start selling their own products in a platform like the one proposed.

If what is needed for moving forward are more hands I would be happy to help :slight_smile:.



Yes, we do need some help. We got an extension on the project, and we’re currently working on the components (legal and website mostly).

I’m also hoping to get it written up in time for the global GOSH and run a session about it to get broader feedback and interest. We had Nat, who had really taken the reigns on the project from an operations perspective, move to another job which took a lot of wind out of our sales. The rest of us have full time other work (or more) and so it’s been a struggle to really move it forward the way it deserves. I know there was a recent presentation about this topic also which I missed but would love to connect all these dots.

I think we have some really strong foundations on structure and what’s feasible, but we frankly need some new energy. Anyone interested in taking a stronger role would be welcome! Let me know and I’ll invite you to the wednesday call or find another time if that doesn’t work for your timezone.


Ey! Sorry I just saw your answer greg.

For the regulation, even if I am eager to learn, I don’t know almost anything.

I have also a full time Job at LPI (Formerly CRI, involved also in GOSH) but I can dedicate a constant amount of hours to this per week, and maybe some help from LPI’s IT to construct the platform. They are also interested in a platform like the one you guys are working on to sell some OS products that sustains the research here.

Maybe it would be interesting to bring some other manufacturers to this project like @gaudi or some colleagues I have from open Insulin, that would like to produce and sell enzyme in europe through a platform like this one.

Whatever, I will join the call the 20th so I can know more about this!