WG Meetings and calendar

Hi, I couldn’t attend the last meeting, I see in my calendar that there’s a WG meeting today. We’re there with @marinappdf in JitSi but there’s no one else.

So just asking, are we meeting every 15 days as we’ve been doing or every week as per the calendar?

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I must have just missed you! I came to Jitsi a couple of mins late and also found no one there or in hangouts (which is also linked from the calendar invite) so I thought I’d missed something as I wasn’t on the call last week due to it being a public holiday in the UK so I left.

I understood the weekly meetings to be turn up and work time so it isn’t a problem if not everyone is there but more than one or two in the call at a time would be great. As mentioned in an earlier message, it was a holiday in the US so our American members have a good excuse :slightly_smiling_face:.

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