Welcome to the GOSH Governance Working Group Forum Category

Hi All

Welcome to the GOSH Governance Working Group - we have much to do :wink:.

This is a quick message to let you know that there is now a group within the forum for the working group and that this forum category is only visible to you, so we can have conversations here that for whatever reason are easier to have within the group in the first instance.

Now we have a communication mechanism, I will start another topic on the tasks at hand and some background information to get started!



Hi Jenny and everyone!

I am Gayatri Buragohain from India. I am sorry I took a long time to start speaking here. We are going through a major exercise in our organisation (a non-profit in India called Feminist Approach to Technology) to design our Covid19 adaptation strategy. I took a few days off to calm myself and put my thoughts together (Covid19 has hit us very hard) as I am facilitating the process. Good news is, we are almost done. Tomorrow is a big day when we will finalise our decision integrating all inputs received. So I am excited to join you all here now. Look forward to learning from all of you.


My name is Marina (pronouns she/her), I’m from Brazil. I’m taking my master on physics education, focusing on the open source movement. My graduation is on Physics Engineering, I collaborate since 2015 on an open science hardware lab at the university (CTA), and I’m part of reGOSH (“the latino-america instance for gosh”).