Webpage that lists all GOSH projects

Hey GOSHers, a while ago, before the GOSH website was re-designed, I made this website for GOSH projects as a proof of concept:

It lists all projects, that use a Open Know-How Manifest and are added to this CSV JSON file on Gitlab.

I think it’s time to:

  1. Add your project there if it hasn’t been (happy to help with this, feel free to book a session with me)
  2. Put this on a sub-domain of https://openhardware.science and link to it more prominently (if the community agrees)

Thanks @kaspar, really cool seeing this earlier today.

Put this on a sub-domain of https://openhardware.science and link to it more prominently (if the community agrees)

I would vote for this, and it can be a nice thing to show off when introducing GOSH to other people.

@briannaljohns: Is this linked to on the website? If not would it be difficult to add it?


Wow this is all really great! I’d love to learn more and get some of our things up in that format, or better understand how to things in there.


+1 on adding this to a subdomain on the GOSH website and linking from the homepage - it looks great!


This is awesome, @kaspar!

@hpy I added a page titled “projects” under the about section on openhardware.science which redirects to https://gosh-community.gitlab.io/gosh-okh-search/ for now - if a sub-domain is created I am happy to put that link there instead. (there’s also a page for communities such as reGOSH and AfricaOSH as well if anyone wants to check that out too :slight_smile: )

Happy to hear feedback from others on adding it to the website!


Very nice looking. Would be cool to have a tags (derived from the manifest keywords) to be able to browse the list.

I wonder, why are these “gosh projects” and is there a way to link the project to gosh insight the manifest (as a special keyword, as an author, …)


Been waiting for this forever, thanks @kaspar


Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I’ve put this on https://projects.openhardware.science now.

If you want to add you project please let me know!


@kaspar I guess I have the same question as @Juliencolomb. What distinguishes this collection from https://search.openknowhow.org/? In other words, what makes an open hardware project a GOSH project?

Just trying to understand expectations because I’m a big fan of these collections and I would love to contribute and use these projects in my work :smile:


Ah, cheers @blaise and sorry I missed your question before @Juliencolomb. These are not actually explicitely “GOSH” projects. Technically they are just science related hardware I filtered out of the main list manually. My post title here was a bit misleading. I believe, in practice, all but one of them are from GOSH community members though.

As we build out the list, and automate the manual process of filtering (and yes, add tags for browsing!) we may see more projects from people who don’t even know what GOSH is. It’s also worth making that clear on the page itself: that this is a list of open science hardware projects from around the web.

EDIT: Though it might actually make more sense to go the other way: for GOSH community to add their projects to this list and feed that up to the main site.

Since there is no formal “membership” of GOSH (beyond the director and officer roles, if those are the right words) and anyone can join this forum, I think it’s totally OK to be a bit loose with who’s project gets added as long as there is consent from the creators (and adding a OKH manifest to their project indicates consent).

That is they way I had been thinking about it when writing about it for “v2” of this project:



I think it would make sense to contact https://en.oho.wiki/wiki/Home: you do not have to reinvent the wheel and they are already crawling the net for manifest files (I think). @rmies can tell more about this.

For GOSH relation, at first glance, it seems to me we would need authors to indicate it, at best somewhere in the manifest (not sure where it could go, though).
In theory, we could then take oho data and filter it by that “GOSH project” tag and show them on the website.

Does that make sense?


I have been touching base with OHO/LOSH people through the IOP alliance meetings and others. I am taking a bit of a different approach with OKH search, specifically, as the plan stands, we are not going to use a crawler. Instead we will to build this federation of communities (as illustrated above). These communities can self-curate and get a page listing their projects (like this GOSH page).

That does make sense, but I do I think it makes more sense to go the other way: to present GOSH projects on this page and let OHO crawl it if they want to.


Yes, think so, too


Hi all,

I come to ask for a recommendation.

A very related unconference session has happened: OH literature review, projects directories and searchability - Unconference session at GOSH 2022

We listed websites where OH projects can be found (in an editable wiki post). But we also want to contribute to an existing platform.

What is the most fruitful way to contribute to your initiative?


Hi Naikymen, this has been up for while now:

Here is the source:

It’s based on:

I’m not actively working on this anymore, hence I’m not seeking any help either, but happy to answer any questions.

Hi Kaspar,
sorry for the naive question, but populating the OKH search directory/list will automatically populate the GOSH one? or are these two separate things that need to be entered manually twice?

Not naive at all, it’s a good question. It goes the other way, adding it to the GOSH one will add it to the OKH one because of this line:


Yesss I’m familiar with it, and it is great! Thanks :slight_smile:

On where to add stuff

Oh ok. I think there is a general need for an active projects directory. We have considered adding projects to the OHO “wiki” (mentioned above), or to the WikiData list (on which @jarancio has worked, if I understood correctly).

Would it make sense to resurrect the GOSH page? Is the open-know-how directory active?

There are a few recruitable GOSHers who might be willing to work on adding [their] projects, with a small chance of forming a working group around all this.

On how to add stuff

I understand that the current way to contribute is to (1) make a YAML file, (2) put it up somewhere, (3) make a PR to add it to the JSON file at the repo.

I could have done it for my project by now, but I never seem to find the time to go through those steps. Perhaps it is true for others.

Is there a more straightforward way to add projects? I imagine that even a forms could work.

Sligthly off-topic: is there an open-know-who?

There was also a clear interest in having a GOSH people directory.

This sounds very similar to what the OHM folks have (i.e. the “experts” directory @jarancio?).

To sum up, I’m looking for a happy way to help move this initiative forward. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

No, not yet. That’s still the way to do it currently. You can now add the file itself to the local-manifests folder on Gitlab and it should get added. There is also this form that generates a manifest.

Great, happy for someone to continue this effort.

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Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that if you’d like to continue to use OKH for your effort @naikymen then you can also ask questions or make suggestions on the IOP Alliance forum here: