Watertrips, Madrid Spain

Hi everybody! I’d like to share this project called watertrips (viajes de agua) that we are just finished this days in the Medialab-Prado in Madrid. There is an open-source-collaborative prototype which has many sensor for testing environmental aspects and an android application that locates water sources and get data from sensors of water and environment conditions in real time. Moreover it generates sounds mixing signals from the sensors: the idea is walking in cities with this object and interact with pedestrians and citizens who are interested to know a little more about water and environmental condition around cities.


Neat! What kind of sounds does it make? Is it musical? Does it make awful grating sounds if the water quality is bad?

I am so proud of you !

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Hi! It’s used variables to create a kind of noise, but it isn’t exactly because the quality is bad… in fact it is a great idea to continue developing it , thank for your contribution!