Want to tinker with an analogue film motion sensing camera trap?


As was recently posted here, I recently learned that there is a cache of almost 100 motion sensing camera traps currently near Bern, Switzerland. The owner is giving them away free of charge, otherwise these cameras will be thrown away!

These camera traps are typically used for wildlife monitoring. But since they are basically just motion sensing cameras, they can be used for other projects, too, or just to tinker with and hack.

A few points from the other post:

  1. These ~100-ish motion sensing camera traps are currently located near Bern in Switzerland.
  2. The person with the cameras is happy to give them away as long as people can pay postage (or probably pickup in person).
  3. Each camera weighs approximately 1.2 kg.
  4. You can use this page to help estimate postage costs to your area.
  5. The cameras use Fujifilm X-TRA Superia 400 ASA 36 for still photos.
  6. And click here for a picture of a typical camera trap in this batch.

Depending on your needs, the “catch” might be that these are analogue, not digital, cameras so you need to replace the film after each use and you need to develop the film.

However, I think these cameras are still great for art projects, education, wildlife monitoring, or general hacking/tinkering!

Thank you. Let me know if you are interested and we can set something up!