Volunteers for writing open science hardware articles on opensource.com

Hi All

opensource.com would like to do an article/series highlighting projects from the community including some how-tos, tied in to the pubication of the GOSH Roadmap

Does anyone
a) have an interest in writing for opensource.com?
b) have a project with a nice how-to tutorial that they would like to be featured?
c) both of the above!


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I’m not sure about “nice” but I certainly have a reasonably extensive set of build instructions. I’m very happy to get involved with writing something :slight_smile:

Thanks @rbowman! Do you think a deadline of 25 Feb would be OK to get something together? Is anyone else interested in co-authoring?

I fit a) but maybe a bit lacking in b). I did give a talk at FOSDEM aimed at getting beginners up to speed on how assemble open source hardware electronics projects and I think it could be adapted to a blog form. The video recording is not up yet, (should be a day or so max) but the slides are available (warning, there’s big video that needs to load on the first slide).

Maybe I could take an existing open source hardware electronics project that has a direct scientific application, get the documentation up to scratch (put it up on kitspace.org) and then write the instructions based on that. Does anyone know a good candidate?

The video is now up.

I gave it some more thought and maybe The Riffle water monitor could be a good candidate. I also have the electronics for @amchagas FlyPi that I have been meaning to assemble but I believe a revision of this version has been on the table for a while so it may soon be out of date.

@rbowman, if I remember correctly your OpenFlexure microscope has no custom electronics. Do you have any projects with custom electronics that could do with going over with my bill of materials tools? Alternatively, I could also help with instructions for embedded software setup (Arduino, RasPi etc).

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Hey, the microscope itself doesn’t have any electronics, but our motor controller does :slight_smile: - the PCB for that wasn’t designed by me, but it is available on github. Currently the only “documentation” for the electronics is the board layout - any suggestions/assistance gratefully received!

The software is currently in a state of advanced disorganisation, but will definitely be in need of some documentation once I’ve got it in a more manageable state…

I am!!! Although I am not sure my tutorial fits the proposal…

What is the tutorial @edu.biomusical ?
I booted up a currently very empty google doc and will get back in touch with opensource.com tomorrow with an initial list of authors and timing:

@jcm80 the tutorial is on “How to build your own centrifuge”
You cab check here if it fits what you’re thinking for this publication: http://2016.igem.org/Team:USP_UNIFESP-Brazil/Hardware
If so, me and a friend could co-author!

Hi Hi!

Sorry, maybe I am too late to the party, but this would be a great push for me to properly document the new version of the flypi (@kaspar you are right, we have revised things and the PCB changed a bit. the new version can be found here https://github.com/prometheus-science/Flypi). There are less components and more user friendly plugs :slight_smile:
Anyway, I’ll take a look at the document @jcm80 put up and see if I can still collaborate, if not I might document it anyway :wink:
@kaspar, if you want to do something together, we can also do that!

Also a bit late but I could add an article about our test tube photometer. I recently wrote some instructions for our website. I can extend it a bit to fit into opensource.com




Hi All

OK, great so that is four tutorials. I got the impression from the opensource.com contact that we could make it a bit of a series, so I’ll get back in touch with them and suggest:

  1. Overview of open science hardware and the roadmap (everyone)
  2. OpenFlexure microscope with @rbowman (and possible @kaspar helping for PCB/components part)
  3. FlyPi with @amchagas and @kaspar
  • Photometer with @vektor
  • Centrifuge with @edu.biomusical. Full disclaimer - DIY centrifuges scare me because I’ve seen designs with very powerful motors and next to no protection if something shears off. This would be a great opportunity to document how to make safe centrifuges and what features should be included. Do you have any thoughts on that and would you be up for including it in the piece? Does anyone know anyone with centrifuge knowledge and/or enough mechanical engineering know-how to weigh in?

Final decision will be with opensource.com editor - I’ll respond here as soon as I hear back from them!


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Cool, thanks Jenny!

On a related note, has anyone seen this: http://www.dozuki.com/features/ Maybe you have comments and opinions about it?

The charge for use, but there seems to be a plan for open source initatives that is free (money wise I suppose, as it seems that all documentation is hosted in a central location).

I interacted with this platform when fixing phones using the ifixit.com tutorials, and thought it was a nice system…

That looks cool - they have a ‘open source’ plan, but does that mean your project needs to be open source, or the software they provide you is open source?

I think it means that your project needs to be open source…
as I understand their system is web based, so no things to download… I might be wrong though… had no time to explore further so far…

It seems like a they made a good service, though unfortunately proprietary. I have also only been on the receiving side, so looking at repair instructions not making them. There was a good interview with the iFixit CEO on the Engineering Commons Podcast a while back where they discussed this platform quite a bit.

Hey you all!

@jcm80 I agree that safety is an issue. I have a friend working on improving the centrifuge design. I can include him and ask for advice. Anyway, we believe to have achieved a safe design in the tutorial I shared here.

Let me know what you think!


@edu.biomusical Great - I’m interested so would be useful to hear his thoughts!

@kaspar @amchagas @rbowman the opensource.com editor thought that the microscope designs would be of most general interest and would like information about the Roadmap and OScH in general bundled into the technical article. Would you be happy to prepare the tutorial materials? When would be a reasonable deadline?

@edu.biomusical @vektor would you still be up for being co-authors on the overall article? Also, it would be great to highlight your projects on the GOSH website - @jarancio and @biomakers_lab and I have been cooking up plans for more content there!


Hey @edu.biomusical I have been checking different designs for low-cost centrifuges and I agree with @jcm80, it’s really important to share information about how to build safe centrifuge. I could help you w/ technical information or specifications based on the available literature. What do you think?

@jcm80 Sure! I would be up for both, co-authoring and highlighting the project on the GOSH website :slight_smile:

Did I get this right, basically they just want one (technical) article about the microscope including information about Roadmap and OScH?

And for the GOSH website. Do you think about implementing a project section :slight_smile: ?