Virtual Pub Special Edition "Open Hardware in Microscopy"

Hi all, sharing the following opportunity below:

Imaging technologies are becoming increasingly complex and ever more expensive, reducing the general accessibility and potential reach of cutting-edge microscopy. Open microscopy addresses this issue – and many imaging scientists are committed to making microscopy hardware and software solutions openly available to a wide audience. The Special Edition Virtual Pub “Open Hardware in Microscopy” will highlight these developments, by featuring presentations of a number of open hardware projects in light and electron microscopy.

From open and modular hardware framework for light microscopy to adapting legacy commercial microscope frames to new modalities in order to obtain super-resolution performance, there is something for everyone at this Virtual Pub, so don’t miss out!

Mark your calendars

The Special Edition Virtual Pub “Open Hardware in Microscopy” will take place on Friday, November 4 th , from 13:00-15:00 CET . Please join us for an exciting afternoon with great speakers and lots of exciting talks! No registration is necessary.

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