USD 500 microgrants available for workshops, short courses

@Harold Our workshop will be holding on the 6th of June, 2023. This is due to the fact that the funds didn’t reach us as early as we had expected. But we will make sure to give our report before the deadline. Kindly bear with us. Thanks again


Hi! Happy to share that our event took place on May 23rd. It almost turned into a regional GOSH event, as three local OSH projects participated sharing their experiences.
Libre Water, a project for solar water desalination
Libre Space, creating space technology
Wind Empowerement, developing small wind turbines.
After giving some background for OSH, participants assembled Libre Water kits, having the chance to familiriarize themselves through action.
It was an exciting gathering and we are definitely looking forward to more events like that to happen. Thank you GOSH and Alfred P Sloan Foundation for giving us this opportunity!