Water Filtration | Kakhovka Dam

Hi all - first time poster long time reader here :slight_smile: We are looking for solutions and support to build water filtration devices for the people affected by the collapse of Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine.

The final solution should be

  • filtering water (duh) for 1 person for 1 day
  • easy to build for people with basic making skills
  • cheap
  • easy to maintain

Find our first draft attached, and please be in touch if you think of improvements and / or better solutions!

Thank you so much in advance!


There is a fellow that specializes in doing that kind of stuff that might have a solution or at least can help with that. I’ll try to find his name.

You can clean the water by evaporation using the very basic solar method used be shipped wrecked sailors. Not very productive but very safe. Plastic foil, stone, collection container.

Also you need to understand what the water is used for. Straight drinking- filter for bacteria and particles and maybe metals. Cooking - just filter the particles and metals.



I was just thinking of the evaporation method, which reliably creates clean water. Thanks for suggesting it @adrianMolecule!

Question: What’s the weather like in the intended deployment locale of this device? Is there enough sunlight to do the evaporation thing? Or can something be built to concentrate the solar energy to help evaporate more water???

One of the microgrant workshops recently worked with a solar still, of a quite sophisticated design, here. Mutli-effect stills are more efficient than regular (single effect) stills, and are perhaps better suited to higher latitudes due to their vertical orientation.


@Andriy curious of your perspective on this, or perhaps other areas in the same vein that GOSHers could help.

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Just looking at the first design. What is the local availability of the reverse osmosis filters?

Also what are the likely contaminants in the water going into the system? would charcoal filtering plus boiling be sufficient? Is there any scope for water testing?

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