UNCONFERENCE: Technology for Fostering Resilience

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I think you would be interested in this event this week. This event is part of Community ENgaged Texas Research ALliance (CENTRAL) is a UT Austin Grand Challenge. Please consider attending it and getting (y)our voice represented. The general initiative is not (yet, on paper) open science (open hardware, open software…) but I am trying to push in that direction. I need your help to drive this initiative (mega project $$) to the open science path. Your expertise/opinion/voice would be very much appreciated. Un saludo. JP.

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UNCONFERENCE: Technology for Fostering Resilience

Community ENgaged Texas Research ALliance (CENTRAL) is a UT Austin Grand Challenge designed to revolutionize how we learn and share knowledge about child, family, and community health and wellbeing. A major barrier is our ability to rapidly collect and analyze dynamic data from children and families in the places where they live their lives. Join us to begin tackling this challenge!

This UNCONFERENCE will bring together tech focused individuals to brainstorm ways to reinvent and accelerate cohort studies to better assess environmental, social, behavior, and health metrics for communities.

To provide structure, we will initially be focusing on developing technology to address these four topics areas: home environmental and health monitoring, parent-child interactions, immune system health and biomarkers, as well as exposure to racism. What tech (especially “EASY” tech) should we be developing/deploying to advance our understanding of these topics in vulnerable populations? How would you validate that the proposed tech measures what you want? Who would you pilot this tech with, and with whom would it ultimately be used? Outputs will include a white paper to outline technology needs and opportunities and potential pilot projects.

WHERE: Engineering Education and Research Center (Innovation Center, EER 2.502)

WHEN: Thursday, April 5, 2018, 11:30 am – 6:00 pm


Brainstorming session: starts at 12pm (trying to open it but for sure open in twitter to include community ideas into the mix)
First session is scheduled for 1.30 pm CT, second for 2.45pm CT. I will provide more information through this tweeter account @UTAustinCentral (and my personal one @yeipijotape).

We will open as many sessions as technology allows for people to connect remotely.

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Poll for brainstorming: pollEV.com/utcentral

Sessions breakouts from 1.30-2:15 and 2.45-3.30pm CT

Click the following link for details on how to join:

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Please join us to make this initiative open-science based!