Tuesday Morning Arrivals

Hi All,

I’m getting in around 9AM Tuesday morning (the 21st). Anybody coming in around the same time and interested in meeting up at the airport and doing a little walkabout around Santiago before hostel check-in at 3?

I am getting in Tuesday morning at around 8am. I’d very much like to walk somewhere after being on airplanes for 28 hours!

Hello! I am getting in at 9:30 am. Will be dropping my stuff off at a different place, but would be super down to walk around afterwards. Maybe we will end up navigating our way to the center city together.

I’ll be happy to go along :slight_smile:

Hoi zäme,

Akbar and myself arrive tuesday morning 10.50…
Now already in cdmx… After the first 20h travel.


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I am arriving around 10am from Paris. I am AirBnBing it but definitely up for a get together after I have a nap.

@andrew.david.thaler you can come before 3 pm to the hostel. I arrived at 7:30am. I’m here in the Andes right now.

I have arrived and am ready to meet people. I am in an AirBnB right opposite the university campus where the event is held.

I think it’s best to jump over to chat to arrange things and looks like there is already a room at: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#GOSH:matrix.org. There are also clients for riot.im for mobile so we can communicate on the move.