Think about being on the Community council!

This is like a pre-pre- announcement just to get people’s brains. Thinking about a very important thing that’s coming up:

Community council elections! They are a bit delayed this year, but it seems like they will happen, and we need cool people who want to help drive the giant gosh bus that we’re all riding around in.

You can start thinking about if you want to nominate yourself, or if there’s a really awesome person that you want to nominate?

There will be official ways to nominate people later, but I’m just encouraging people to start thinking about this.

The people who are elected, will serve for 2 years. In general you have a meeting every couple weeks, and you get to help make big meta decisions about how to direct resources.

These are super important roles that can be very rewarding, and are invaluable to the community as a whole! Please help think of good people to fill these spots!

(Unrelated, here’s a picture of some sloths that I’m feeding while I write this message.)