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Svg2Shenzhen - save inkscape drawing as kicad pcb

Dear GOSH people, i would like to share you svg2shenzhen inkscape extension i’ve been working on, im using it for doing pcb art, but maybe it might be useful for designing pcb with irregular shapes as well



Testing it…

Preparing the files in Inkscape. put stuff in the correct layer, F.Cu for the main copper. For Edge.Cuts i converted the object to path and straight lines. And for testing the drill i just added a circle, random size somewhere.

Here it is in Kicad! No more need to export png, text edit and all that crap of my old workflow!

Checking the drill size. At the moment all circles are converted to the same 0.8mm drill standard. but can be edited locally in Kicad.

then plotting the gerber file and make drill file from Kicad and checking the result in http://viewer.tracespace.io/

ok i didnt have a soldermask layer, so everything is covered (besides the drillhole). just deleted it in the viewer to look nice.

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Now testing with more layers…

The inverted SolderMask is working now!

and the output to kicad and gerber runs smootly!

Wow - awesome! I am definitely definitely definitely going to use this. And thank you so much for making it an inkscape extension, and not some closed source alternative!