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Successful launch of open ventilator project for NCOV in Pakistan

We have successfully launched a project to make open source ventilator in Pakistan. A good team has been developed and number of people are growing (80 so far most of them engineers and healthcare professionals) . We are working in two streams

  1. Make new open source ventilator to cope with increasing number of NCOVID patient.
  2. Alter existing ventilators to support multiple patients.
    In short while new stream for 3d designing and printing of essential medical devices parts will be made. Please everyone as this is first in its kind project in Pakistan help guide and steer this project in right direction. I believe from this we can make alot new GOSHERS and start new open source culture in Pakistan that is full of talented educated youth.
    Your suggestions and guidance is welcome

any link we can consult?


Most work is being done over WhatsApp but this is webpage link to show what we work for http://www.pakengimed.com/ncov/
You can also contact over WhatsApp 00923365818809

Hi hamza,

I don’t know if this will be useful but this is what Oxford clinicians have developed.

We have been following this too:

The Arduino folks had forwarded this project:

Also described here:


Hope this is some help. I would try and keep up with your efforts.



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