"StereoNinja" - Mentor meetings notes

This thread will be used to document the exchanges between mentor & mentee of the project StereoNinja, @drayde.

After each meeting you can add your notes as a reply to this thread, so you can have all your notes in one place. Remember the forum is a public place, don’t document any personal information.

Here’s a suggested format for taking notes, feel free to copy and paste with your notes for each meeting.

Mentor meeting 1

  • Date:
  • Attendees:


  1. Recap from previous meeting (or expectations & goals if this is your 1st meeting)
  2. This week’s assignments: questions, doubts, challenges?
  3. Timeline: are we on track?
  4. Contacting experts: do we need help?
  5. Any other questions or comments?

Actions for next meeting

Stereo Ninja Mentor Meeting 1



  • Introductions
  • Status and history of the project
  • Goals, expectations
  • GOSH forum: use it for meeting minutes & updates
  • Discussion about why 3D Monitor is needed
  • Definition of first milestone:
    • Finalize technical stuff (“beta version”)
    • Document it (BOM, Assembly Guide)
    • Everything so other people can build it
  • Technical issue: can we get it working with a standard (non 3d) monitor?
    • Sub project!
    • Lower the entry threshold by removing the 3D monitor fom BOM
    • We stand at a crossroads. Sub project can have big positive impact, but means a lot of additional work, we can do less in main project
    • Working prototype is not really scalable buildable by others with 3d monitor in BOM

Goal for next 2 weeks:

  • Final draft of OHM canvas
  • First evaluation of sub project
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Meeting Notes OHM Mentoring Session
Project Stereo Ninja, 14.4.2022

Adel @adelsarvary - Mentor
Alex @tinyledmatrix - FabLab München/Stereo Ninja
Andreas @drayde - FabLab München/Stereo Ninja

Last week: Mission Vision:

We are working with fellow fablab members on an affordable digital stereo microscope for electronics inspection and soldering that makers can easily build themselves.

Talked about last week’s cohort Call.


  • Technical side:
    • Fixed set of hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 CM, Waveshare board, Raspi Cam v1
    • 3d printed case
    • Works with standard 3d monitor
    • No zooming/special features
  • Documentation
    • BOM
    • Assembly guide (rudimentary)
    • List of supported monitors
  • Infrastructure
    • Github repro with software and 3d printing parts
    • Presentation at a Maker Faire (or similar)


  • Updated Open Hardware Canvas
  • Split Canvas into short term / long term


  • Github create and share with @adelsarvary
  • Writing readme
  • Application for Maker Faire

Meeting Notes OHM Mentoring Session
Project Stereo Ninja, 12.5.2022



Ideas / TODOs

  • Create graph for road map with more structure (more Project management view)
  • Link to placeholder pages on front page
  • Add “project work in progress - wait for beta for contributing “ note
  • Add FAQ
    • How do I join your project?
    • I want to build this, but how?
  • Define Milestones and Topics in roadmaps. Not issues/task. Derive tasks/todos from roadmap items
  • Group Roadmaps items into Groups (HW, SW, Doku)
  • Evaluate if DisplayPort or similar cable can be used for nice cam wiring
    • are there common pins on cameras?
  • Add 3D printing files to repro (Andreas)