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Welcome to the Open Hardware Makers forum!

This category hosts communications between participants of the Open Hardware Makers program. This includes the organising team, mentors, experts and mentees.

Here is a direct link to this forum community that you can bookmark: Open Hardware Makers - GOSH Community Forum

Shout out to the GOSH community for kindly allowing us to use this space! We invite you to look around and learn from all the interesting discussions :slight_smile:

What do we use the forum for?

We can use the forum for documenting all the activities taking place within each cohort of Open Hardware Makers. But it is also a space for asking questions, reporting problems (except community guidelines breaches, see below), announcing events, proposing improvements/contributions, and sharing resources.

How do we use the forum?

To make threads easier to find and read, every time we create a new thread we use tags.

All threads in this category should have at least 2 tags:

  1. A tag to identify the cohort: for the March 2022 cohort, that’s ohm-cohort1

  2. A tag to identify what the thread is about, the reference is below:

Topic Tag
Introducing mentors, experts, mentees & their projects ohm-intro
Documenting regular meetings between mentees and mentors mentor-meetings
Documenting regular cohort meetings cohort-meetings
Documenting exchanges with experts, including the experts general review during week 9 expert-review
Documenting the global sprint by the end of each cohort global-sprint
Documenting the public call by the end of each cohort demo-call
Sharing resources ohm-resources
Announcing events that can be of interest of the OHM community ohm-events
Asking general questions ohm-question
Reporting a problem ohm-report
Improving the curriculum ohm-curriculum

An example of posting a question to the forum

Code of conduct

The OHM Community Guidelines apply to all exchanges taking place in this forum.

To report a breach of the guidelines please email us at ohwmakers@gmail.com.

How to contact the organising team?

Feel free to send an email to ohwmakers@gmail.com, or a direct message to any of the organisers: @amchagas, @vektor, @jarancio