Speaking/Presenting Opportunities at Shenzhen Maker Fair / Maker Week

Late breaking news guys!

If you are around Sunday, Oct 14 in morning / afternoon, there are chances to speak about GOSH and your projects during Shenzhen Maker Week and Maker Faire!!! Here they are:

  1. Speak about GOSH (15 - 20 minute talk w/ Q&A, what is it, the roadmap, who’s in it, etc.)
    We need 4 additional speakers to talk about GOSH. Jenny Molloy is already signed up. Speakers will need to coordinate to ensure that combined talks make sense and hit a range of topics. The exact topics are flexible, so feel free to pitch your idea! The audience is the general public (100+ people), so make it fun, engaging, and inspiring! Reply to this thread with ideas, and Jenny and I will follow up next week to get everyone coordinated.

  2. Present your project (10 minute presentation)
    Following the talk, there will be project presentations. This could be your open hardware project, it could be a collaboration you’re engaged in through gosh, or something else. But this should be somewhat polished - it’s not a tabling event but an actual presentation. Audience is general public so make it fun, engaging, and inspiring! Having hardware or props is a big plus. We could take 5 people total here.

  3. Tabling at Shenzhen Maker Faire (low-stress, bring stuff you’ve done, want to do, in process, etc.)
    Bring your project in whatever state it’s in and hang out at the Shenzhen Maker Faire with other GOSHers! Also for the general public, easy and low key and as many people can come as we want. Also, you can walk around Maker Faire when you’re not at the booth. If you’re going to be around on the 14th, you should come!

TO SIGN UP:: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16uOvfoDyFAIM_IrbaOx2eNC6bzwJP3hJq0CIAzdQ5VQ/edit?usp=sharing .

But also reply to this thread so everyone can hear what you’re thinking!

Exact details of when/where will happen at GOSH. See you all soon :slight_smile:

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That’s amazing. I would like to present a project we’re about to release early next week. I’ll sign up asap.

I put my name down to talk about kitspace.org. I am happy to talk about GOSH in the earlier session as well, if there are not enough people.

Hi All

Just bumping this back up, we are still looking for:

People to present a 20 min presentation for members of the public on:

  • Highlights from GOSH 2018 topic sessions (there will be notes and summaries from the documentation team that you can draw on)
  • Getting involved in OscH including a summary of the Roadmap actions from GOSH 2018

You should be comfortable presenting and willing to put some slides together quite last minute as the GOSH roadmap actions will be decided on 13 Oct! The only other criteria is to have attended GOSH 2018 so please consider putting yourself forward even if this is your first GOSH.

PLUS we want more people who would like to host the GOSH booth at Maker Faire on 14 Oct and potentially display a project. The more people we have, the more time everyone attending has available to visit Maker Faire, so pile in.

Sign up here and ask questions or put forward suggestions on this thread!


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Ooh! I will do it if I can join someone. I would feel weird presenting by myself!

I am great at putting together visually compelling slides and documentation.

Hi, I would love to join you! Let’s work together on the presentation. I am a confident speaker but not that great in putting things together. It’s a good match! But I have to leave by 2 pm as I need to catch my flight back home. @jcm80 can you please confirm if we will be done by then?

I would love to join you. Pl see my comment below.