Sourcing parts locally

Hi lovely Goshers!

We just finished a workshop in Cape Town, and one of the discussions we had was about where to source parts, and how a databank of websites/places that people already have had contact with would be useful.

One of the issues we had before the workshop was knowing how trustworthy certain websites were in order to source parts locally, instead of bringing/shipping things before hand. From the discussions during the workshop, many people have issues sourcing parts in their countries, and it seems that importing them from other countries in the continent is cheaper and/or easier then sourcing them from Europe/US/China.

So I started a googledoc to try to gather as many indications, from as many places as possible! here is a link:

Please feel free to add and re-share the link!

@rpez, @marinappdf: tips from Brazilian stores?
@nanocastro, @jarancio: Argentina?
@ffederici, @paz: Chile?
@biomakers_lab: Peru?
@thomasmboa: Canada?
@wumbor, @Adel : Ghana?


@C1970, @ngala: Cameroon?
@shingohisakawa: Japan?
@vektor, @neuro3en: Germany?

Great idea! I’ll add some :smiley:

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Perfect. I just added some suppliers in Lima (PER)

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we have a map and list in tel aviv

the issue with “users review” is tricky, but valid.
some are def better in online, others in person. etc.

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Thanks Yair!
didn’t know we had people from Israel around here :slight_smile:

Hi André, great initiative - would it make sense to have this on GitHub together with protocols and descriptions for constructions and workshop designs? Are GOSH ppl using Github at all? I’m just getting into it and it seems useful and an appropriate place to share and co-develop such. or?

Also, can we post this list to the GIG community to share and add more local sources from around the globe?

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Hi Jo,

that makes complete sense. Thanks for the suggestion!

I created a new repo and placed the information we already have there:
GitHub - amchagas/local_suppliers: Toghether with the Gosh community we are trying to map local suppliers.

Also made it more general: if people want to start sharing other resources, such as 3D printer stores, or companies that sell Open Science Hardware, all they have to do is to create a new file with the name of the category and add information.

If they use a “comma separated value” (CSV) file, github takes care of making nice tables out of them:
local_suppliers/electronic_components.csv at master · amchagas/local_suppliers · GitHub

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And yes, please share with everyone! :slight_smile: Thanks!!

@kaspar, @rbowman: could you contribute with UK suppliers?