Software help/project partner wanted: blast fishing detection

Dear friends,

A project I’ve been working on has reached the point where it needs software expertise that I can’t provide at the moment. Also, I need to concentrate on the hardware/mechanical.

The project detects and monitors blast fishing (illegal fishing with explosives), using multiple anchored buoys that are instrumented to record the sound of underwater explosions. By comparing the time of the blast as heard by the various buoys, the blast may be localised and reported. (This algorithm is referred to as TDOA in the literature). An older outline of the project is here. A few examples of recorded blasts

There are 2 main aspects to the software work to be done. The first is the back end heavy lifting involving detecting the blast(s) from sound files, matching them up, and implementing TDOA. The second is the user interface which can be very rudimentary for starters.
The 2 architecture front runners for the computing platform are cloud or mobile/android based. I’m open to other suggestions though.

The time stamped blast recordings will be assumed to be on an accessible server somewhere. It could be on a Google drive, which is where it all is at the moment.

There are 3 of us on this project right now, including a local with contacts to the local government (the pilot project will be in the Philippines) to whom the project will be pitched.

The first sea trial to test the buoys has been conducted, so we know where the hardware/mechanical aspect stands (more work needed). I had thought to also do the numpy and user code but I’d be spread way too thin. Hence the bat signal.


Harold I’m interested in this project because the audio aspect is similar to what I wanted to do in my thesis regarding ship sounds recorded by gliders, but was unable due to time constraints. I notice you refer to Numpy, so were you thinking the heavy lifting portion would be done in Python? If so, I’d like to be on Team :snake:.


You’re in!

The audio quality isn’t super good, but it does pick up outboard noise, so the buoy network could be useful for MPA incursion monitoring with some software juju.

Yes python would be useful since there are libraries available for this sort of thing. Matlab could be useful too but I’m not a fan. There is also the possibility of running python apps on android, which could be convenient.

Can I get your email address, for access permissions?