Social Studies of Science Conf (4S) in November, 2023: Call for Papers

Dear all,

Shannon, Matias, and I are putting together a panel at the upcoming 4S conference on the dynamics of communalism, commercialization, and platformization of science and tech.

We know many of you work on these topics, so we would love to receive your paper proposal!

Here is the abstract of the panel:

Please, do not hesitate to reach out!

Best wishes,

Hello @unixjazz ! Do you think this working paper is relevant for the call ? Systematic Review Open science hardware practices and potentialities for Africa - Google Docs

Hello @TOKO,

Absolutely, this would be really important for the panel discussion!

There is just one problem, however… you wrote to us today (June 6th) and the call for this particular conference was closed… last week. That is not good, because we cannot include your proposal at this point.

Is there another way we can support your review paper?
@shannond and I can read it and give you comments, once you have a version you need feedback.
We have some venues for publication as well, including, but not limited to, the Journal of Open Hardware:

Best wishes,


Your comments will certainly help us to improve the article. We’d also be delighted to submit it to a future call for paper.

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